Taste of Dublin

I’ve managed to not write this post 3 times. Hopefully it will be 4th time lucky!

Last week I went to Taste of Dublin, a food festival that takes place once a year. The concept is a bit odd because you have to pay for entry and also pay to eat anything in there. No free samples for you!  And it ain’t cheap either. When you go in, you change your real money for fake money that, like cinderella’s ball gown, is useless to you past ten when the festival ends. People were in their Sunday best, I was very surprised, I’d never seen so many well dressed people in my life. Although, again like cinderella, the spell wore off as they drunkenly stumbled into Diceys at eleven O’Clock.

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The restaurants that have stalls are pretty nice so if you like the ingredients of what you’re buying, it’s going to be delicious. The firs thing I had was steak and chips from the Chophouse, the line was massive but it was delicious. The dish was served with a Béarnaise sauce that I now have dreams about, I just want to drink the stuff. It was so good I didn’t take a picture, very unusual of me!

I also had surf and turf which consisted of a square of pork belly and a scallop, very tasty. I’m not usually one for fatty meat but that pork belly was yummy.

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I got a dessert which was petit four, a macaron, a salted caramel truffle (nom) and possibly raspberry jelly. It was some berry, I don’t remember which, it was delicious.

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I of course drank copious amounts of wine that was actually reasonably priced (with a scallop and pork belly square that cost 6 euro you’d want the wine to be cheap).

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Another notable thing I did was go on a lovely cycle on Sunday, and made a delicious gratin dauphinois! Definitely not a very healthy weekend, that hour cycle probably just worked off the caramel truffle… Oh well 🙂

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That’s my weekend in a nutshell, what about your weekend? Any interesting food?


One thought on “Taste of Dublin

  1. This all makes me want to eat my screen! No special food this weekend, but there’s a tomato/bacon pasta sauce from Aldi that I love to eat with pretty much everything at the moment. So there’s that. Bon appetit mon amie!


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