All the pretty notebooks

So I went a little crazy in TK Maxx yesterday. That shop is a real danger to me as I love hunting for treasure.

I ended up buying nearly all the Moleskine notebooks, only to later find out that a few of them are lined when I wanted plain ones. Silly me.

How pretty they look.

I also bought this notebook full of sticky notes because our house doesn’t have enough sticky notes (abject lie, we definitely have enough for a good few years of note taking).

I saw the watercolour paper and I just could not resist. It seemed like a notepad that came straight out of the Beautiful Mess blog, it had to be done.

All the sticky notes… for things…

And the last ridiculously pretty thing I bought is this cheesecake tin in turquoise! ❤ Did you notice I had a problem for all things turquoise? No? Oh you will!

Do you also have a stationery problem? Feel free to link pictures of al things turquoise in the comments 🙂



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