It’s the weekend! The boyfriend is sick so it’s a slow weekend filled with spaghetti hoops and Tv from the nineties. Tonight I might even make potato waffles, my friend annieorange has been raving about them and it sounds like they would be perfect for a laid back sick day! Today is a day for catching up with Polyvore, making pretty outfits and online window shopping! What are you up to this weekend?
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Spring is coming! But not really…

The days have been getting brighter, the daffodils are getting ready to come out and play and all I can think of is spring. This winter hasn’t been particularly harsh but I have reached the point where I can’t stand the darkness anymore, I am longing for the sun. Unfortunately, in Ireland it’s going to be cold for a good while.
I stupidly bought a pair of flouncy flowery trousers yesterday (but they are fabulous) in preparation for the sun, of course these will stay buried in my closet for at least 3 months. To make myself feel better I made an outfit with the closest thing I could find to said trousers on Polyvore. Spring, hurry up, I am impatiently waiting for you!
Sleeping kitten

Hey, listen

Welcome to my world! This little corner of the internet will be filled with all of the wonderful things I love, mostly books, cats, clothes and probably some cheese. I hope you are entertained, intrigued, amused, enchanted or any combination of these.

For this first introductory post, I will leave you with a picture of my cats.


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